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The future of business is rapidly changing, and digital ecosystems is a major force driving it. From now to 2025 digital ecosystems will represent approximately $60 trillion in global revenue from all industries around the globe. Organizations have a tremendous opportunity to take a concept that has 2% global market share to approximately 30% by 2025.

“Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Playbook to Reinvent Your Business” will demystify digital ecosystem frameworks and introduce their capacity to enable high-value business partner exchanges, what that means for the future of doing business, and how to understand markets through a digital ecosystem lens.

Reading this book innovators, enterprise architects, technology innovation leaders, and CxOs should expect to be able to understand digital ecosystems and how to create strategies for them. Packed with detailed illustrations and best practices from Mike J. Walker’s digital ecosystem experiences both at Gartner and Microsoft over the past five years, this book provides approachable and actionable tools that will help organizations understand and embrace digital ecosystems in a rapid and digestible way.

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Judson Althoff – Corporate VP of Microsoft Commercial Business

“Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Strategy Playbook to Transform Your Business is an insightful guide that simplifies and demystifies digital ecosystems. This book will ground you in how to make the right decisions for your business, starting with purpose.”


Dr. Jonathan Reichental - CEO of Human Future, Professor, and Author

"In a time of digital transformation and disruption, Mike has written a great book that can help everyone better understand how to design and build the right digital ecosystem and governance model for their organization." 

Ravi K.png

Ravi Krishnaswamy – Corporate VP at Microsoft

Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Strategy Playbook to Transform Your Business is a quintessence of how the right technology stack and business framework can be merged to build an apt digital ecosystem model and achieve desired business objectives. Drawing from his elaborate and successful career in the tech industry, Mike has put forth a comprehensive guide of actionable insights, smart tools, and novel ideas to help create and operate a digital ecosystem. This is a phenomenal read!

As a CIO charged with looking over the horizon and preparing the organization for opportunities and threats, any guidance that can explain our new digital reality is invaluable. Mike Walker not only describes how digital ecosystems work, but how to make them work for you in your organization. With both detailed analysis and familiar examples, Mike is helping move past systems and platforms and shows us how to Rewire!

Doug McCollough / Chief Information Officer / The City of Dublin, Ohio

Smart business leaders know that digital ecosystems are where value will be created and captured in the digital era.  Mike is your expert guide to help you navigate the road ahead and design your future business model with clarity, confidence, and competence.  With Mike's playbook in hand, forge your firm's foundation for the future, and learn the mindset, skillset, and toolset to master digital ecosystems, grounded in real-stories, real experience, and real strategies.  Don't get left behind.

J.D. Meier / Director of Innovation, Microsoft Digital Advisory Services / Microsoft

Convergence of technologies, the golden trifecta, digital ecosystems, and new business models. Mike Walker provides organizational leaders with a playbook of business transformation; a "how to” for riding the third wave of the digital economy.

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D. / Boler College of Business / John Carroll University

The era of individual commercial organizations maximizing profits is over. As digital platforms continue to reduce economic, social and geographical friction, how stakeholders across the value chain access information, goods and services has ‘rewired’ markets and industries, creating new ecosystem models of competition and collaboration (often at the same time). Rewire breaks down the complexities of the new ecosystem paradigm and provides a concise yet practical playbook for business leaders to rethink their business strategies in the digital ecosystem era. A must read for any business leader!

Howe Gu / Global Digital Transformation Strategy Lead / Microsoft 

Mike is the authority on how emerging technologies manifest into next generation business models. This book extends that thought leadership by helping business understand the impacts of platform business models and how it manifests into digital ecosystems 

Ben Blanquera / Vice President / Covail

Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Strategy Playbook to Transform Your Business provides practical and straightforward guidance to help you demystify your digital ecosystem and help you define a digital platform business model that could be a game changer in the 21st century.  Read this book!

Valerie Olbrick / Digital Strategist / Microsoft

Our taXchain digital ecosystem was born with the idea to setup a unique information platform using blockchain-enabled digital ecosystems to securely exchange tax and customs data between companies and authorities. Fortunately, Mike came into play with his ecosystem analysis that gave us not only the insights about different existing solutions but gave us a structured approach how to build the ecosystem. In this book, he provides the “cookbook” for a coherent framework that helped me to break down the complexity into work packages, build sustainable cost and price models and create a longterm roadmap for success. 

Dr. Olga Chatelain / IT Internal Processes & Tools / Siemens AG

The future of innovation will be about Digital Ecosystems and Rewire is the playbook business leaders will need to create sustainable new value for their organizations and the markets their organizations serve.

Brian Peterson / Retail - CPG Digital Strategist / Microsoft

Rewire! The Digital Ecosystem Strategy Playbook will challenge your thinking as it outlines the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of digital ecosystems.  Ecosystems are the business models of the future – to Transform Your Business and create massive new value. If you are interested in giving it a shot this Insightful read takes you on the journey!   

Anne Bruce / Healthcare Industry Digital Strategist / Microsoft

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