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Thinking Big Series: The Business of Digital Transformation

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I'm grateful to be invited to the "Thinking Big" Fall 2020 Virtual Speaker Series at John Carroll University this year. For those interested, my presentation will focus on the business of digital transformation.

While this is a broad topic I will attempt to give a primer on the key areas leaders should focus. Specifically, in this session I will cover:

  • Why business leaders must stay vigilant with digital transformation

  • Summary of the top 2020 digital trends to understand

  • Digital transformation approaches and tools to harness the power of the digital wave of trends

You can find my presentation here

Biz of Digital Transformation
Download PDF • 16.74MB

All events are open to all alumni, staff, guests, faculty, undergraduate/graduate students.

Questions? Contact: 216-397-4665 Lisa Heckman, | Scott Allen,

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